Our Family

Welcome to Royal Flush English Springer’s ! Here you will find photos of our wonderful Royal Flushing English Springer Spaniels. When we have a litter of puppies you will find day-to-day, week-to-week pictures of each little one from the time of birth to when they arrive in your loving forever home! We look forward to assisting you in finding the dog that is just right for you.

Our Royal Springers find homes in all parts of the United States. They are excellent hunting dogs, active companion, family dogs and loyal friends! We have carefully selected our breading pair of dogs for both the hunting instinct of the original Springer and the beauty of the Show dog that has been developed over the years. Our dogs are absolutely “Royalty”! They are smart, intuitive, active, retrieving. athletic and amazingly beautiful! We are confident that we have the puppy you will love!

Our site is made with you in mind. We know you want to see pictures and pictures and pictures of our puppies so that you can pick that special family member for your life. I personally love on our puppies, take their pictures, post them for you and go out and love on them some more. You will see that our dogs are a big part of our family! Randy and I have 7 children and 11 grandkids with oodles and oodles of puppies to love and snuggle! Enjoy our family album on this site. If you have any questions feel free to email us directly at royalspringers@gmail.com or call at 308-641-4469 to enjoy a bunch of “dog talk”! :)

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